When experimenting with pottery, it is important to learn the art of glazing. Without proper glaze added to your artwork, the entire thing is simply going to look lifeless of sort regardless of how well it has been crafted or fired.

Surely, you can buy a pre-made glaze online, but having your very own homemade glaze would be just as rewarding. At times, you might land with glaze variants that are plain and boring with nothing unique. So, if you wish to experiment with glaze, the key is to understand its ingredients and the importance of DIY glaze.

Why prepare your very own glaze?

While the…

To give your pottery piece a nice and crafty look, the first thing you need to ensure that you are picking the best quality clay for your project. Whether you are thinking of creating strong quality pottery for your project or acquiring an excellent surface of your pot, good quality clay is always the champion. A good quality clay ensures top-notch texture, looks, and high durability of a pot, which is the dream of every potter.

To enhance your working experience in kneading, throwing, and centering the clay while building the pottery wall, everything depends on the type of clay…

When learning the art of pottery, you will learn that clay passes through 4 different and distinctive stages. The very first stage involves plastic-like, soft, and workable clay. In the 2nd

stage, the clay is workable but hard like leather. And in the final stage, it becomes dry and hard like bone. Depending on the clay type, there are other drying stages as well.

In this article, we will discuss everything about clay’s leather hard variant.

So, without further ado, let us decode the basics of this clay and what all can be done with it!

Leather Hard Clay: Understanding the Importance

In simple terms, your…

Understanding the lesser-known terms, materials, and processes in the world of pottery can be fairly exciting, and one such material is “Grog.” Also popular as chamotte and firesand, this raw material is an ideal choice for ceramic pottery. With a fairly high composition of alumina and silica, grog brings in some of the best features for enthusiastic potters.

How is the grog prepared?

Grog is generally produced through the process of firing specific fire clays at high temperatures & screening the same to specific particle size. Now, there is another method that comes into play. This method requires the Grog to be produced from pitchers…

Purchasing the right pottery wheel can be an intimidating errand, especially if you are a beginner in the domain. Plus, there are several factors that one must consider before deciding on a final product to create a beautiful piece of ceramic pottery. From looking at the correct motor speed to detect how well the paddle works, you have to pick each feature with caution. To help you make the right purchase, we have reviewed the best electric pottery wheel machines available in the market and listed out the best from the lot.

This review will decode this amazing electric forming…

Cat owners believe that putting a collar on their cat makes them responsible. It shows their pet is not a stray one when the tag is attached. Strangers can quickly identify the owners of the cat in case it is lost. However, the purpose of the collars has evolved. Hence several factors should influence the decision of whether to put a collar or not.

For instance, this will depend upon whether the cat is an indoor or outdoor individual, the type of neighborhood you live in, personal preference, and more. …

The beauty of pottery lies in its multitude of techniques and styles that unleashes a wide variety and opportunities to shape your dream and imagination. Whether it is the variation in style or incorporation of cultural specialties, the vast industry of pottery always tends to get richer.

One of the fantastic methods of pottery building is coiling. Coil pottery comes with its distinctive feature, which is rich in style and looks amazingly different from any other kind of pottery. If the world of pottery making seems tempting enough for you, then the coil pottery is worth the try.

So, do…

Glasses and ceramic are two sides of the same coin. This is because normal glaze generally includes silica that is the main contributor to the formation of glass. Adding glass beads to your pottery items can help create stunning results. After the pottery piece is glazed, light bouncing off this glass can look similar to an exquisite piece of jewelry.

The colors you hence achieve would be really vibrant, bold, & eye-catching. Any pottery item that you produce using glass would surely be a showstopper.

The best thing about adding glass to pottery is the fact that you don’t need…

Clay, being a natural item, has been a part of the pottery world since time immemorial. As we transcend into a better and technologically updated world, we can now make use of clay variants that do not require manual drying or firing. Air-dry clay was developed for the artists who need clay minus the need for kiln firing.

Most of the air-dry clays available in the market are based on naturally occurring mineral and pack-in properties comparable to traditional clay. This clay variant is known to dry pretty fast and doesn’t need firing for permanency.

As we unfold the unknown territories of pottery firing, let us work through a crucial chapter in the Obvara firing book. This type of firing is relatively unknown in the market, with less information for pottery enthusiasts. However, we aim to educate the artists, so here we explain the Obvara firing technique, ingredients required, and the right way to perform it.

The Obvara firing technique derives its origin story way back in the 19 th and 20 th-century era. This Belarusian technique involves scalding the pottery finish in order to seal its porous surface. Alternatively, it is also popular by…

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