Do you wish your weekends were more exciting and fun? Why not invest in learning something new with air-dry clay? However, as is with any other art form, you need to understand that there are dos and don’ts that you need to practice when learning something new. This clay is fairly easy-to-use & inexpensive for new pottery artists.

But, before you look for any tips or techniques for using air-dry clay, let us first understand what air-dry clay is and how it works!

What is air-dry clay & how does it work?

Air-dry clay is a soft & stretchy clay variant that becomes light, solid, & slightly spongy when…

The drying time of air-dry clay varies depending on different factors. For example, unlike Polymer clay, which needs to be baked in the oven to dry, the drying time for air dry clay depends on its thickness. Similarly, it can dry within 24–48 or even 72 hours before it is exposed to air before complete solidification. Therefore, even while drying the mold, you need to ensure that you flip it so that the mold dries appropriately.

Proper drying methods are one of the main elements when you use air-dry clay. No doubt, while working on it, you have to be…

It might surprise you that for cats, no toy can replace their love for a simple cardboard box. Pet owners are continuously puzzled when they purchase their cats a casual new toy & they are much more concerned about the carton it came in! However, why do cats are so much affectionate about cartons or boxes?

It is a commonly acknowledged point that cats love cartons. No matter how classy or ornamental a toy may be, cats love cardboard cartons as compared to toys.

Today, air-dry clay is a popular choice among crafters. It is similar in functionality to traditional clay. However, it doesn’t necessarily require the use of a kiln for hardening. This clay variant is ideal for people who want to experiment with coiling, rolling, sculpting, and stamping clay. If you don’t actually want to learn the art of traditional ceramics, air-dry clay is a perfect option for you.

However, air-dry clay might not be an ideal choice for plant pots. It isn’t completely waterproof and also crumbles fairly easily. …

Does your regular glue gel well with your crafting requirements? Well, it would suffice for a moment but won’t actually be long-lasting. In order to introduce permanency to your craft items, you need to make use of special glue and sealant known as Mod Podge. This glue is primarily used for the purpose of decoupage art. However, it can also be used for art & craft items.

Today, in this blog, we will review the Mod Podge CS11201 Sealer and Glue. But, before we do that, let us learn more about Mod Podge.

As an artist, you must have a…

Glazing the ceramics and pottery pieces serves multiple purposes. It doesn’t just add a sealed and safe coating to the bisque-fired wares but also makes the piece food-safe and waterproof. Further, it brings life to the piece you have just crafted and adds amazing colors to the same. With glazes, the possibilities are endless. However, when you are starting out on your journey to craft a piece, you might not want to struggle with the complexities of a glaze.

Solution: Choose a glaze that is simple enough to mix, apply, and fire.

Why choose a simple glaze for beginners?

With all the possibilities that come with glaze, the process of decision-making can be a bit confusing. Given the fact that…

The art & craft world is way bigger than one can imagine. With creativity, there isn’t any bound or limit to what you can create using your favorite materials. The use of clay for crafting pottery and sculptures has been popular since the pre-historic era. Pottery has modernized today and become eco-friendlier with time. It has made its way for environmentally safe & non-toxic essential goods. A unique add-on to this world of art is the air-dry clay.

This clay is perfect for beginners and helps with easy crafting. But, what is the best air-dry clay for beginners? We reviewed…

When it comes to a popular choice in the world of pottery, air-dry clay is no doubt a popular choice. It is a comparatively inexpensive and easy-to-use product for crafting needs. With Air-Dry clay, the choices are endless. While air-dry clay is surely an easy choice things can go wrong when you don’t know the right way to use it.

You might end up with a sticky mess or crumbly power-like clay that doesn’t mold properly. But, before we realize the top 3 mistakes that can happen when using air-dry clay, let us know more about using this clay variant.

For beginners, working with regular clay can be a bit tedious. Everything from selecting the clay type to the final firing process requires a lot of practice and a keen eye. Today, more and more artists are opting for an easier to use option which is the air-dry clay. This clay variant is simple to work with. The only problem is that you get a shorter time frame to work on the designs as it tends to dry out when exposed to air after a certain time frame.

But, the ultimate question here is whether you can color or glaze…

Feral cats are not usually easy buddies like those whom you meet regularly on the streets. Ferals are rather wild cats that cannot be domesticated or petted at your home. They deny any interaction or intimacy with humans. Also, they do not prefer to socialize or make eye contact with humans.

These ferals are sharp hunters who are made to thrive in the difficult and struggling lifestyle of the wild. Hence, it feels more like taming down a wild animal when trying to tame a feral cat. But can they be relocated? Well, relocation of ferals can be as challenging…

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Cat fanatic and Arts and Craft Lover. With Pottery being my favorite hobby. And a dangerous combo when you add in a couple of chaotic cats. :)

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